School Year 2

Year 2 (Key Stage One) is all about being able to:

Count forwards and backwards in steps – e.g. of 2, 3, 5, and in 10’s from any number

Recognise the value of each digit in a number – e.g. that the “1” in 19 means one-ten

Identify numbers and use the number-line

Compare numbers up to 100 and use the operators < and > for less than and greater than

Read and write numbers up to 100 in digits and words

Solve problems using place value and number facts

Year 2 Topics in Detail

Click on the links below for more detail about each topic (unlinked topics means they’re still under development and will be available in the download shop soon):

Year 2: Number and Place Value

Year 2: Addition and Subtraction

Year 2: Multiplication and Division

Year 2: Fractions

Year 2: Measurement

Year 2: Geometry – Properties of Shapes

Year 2: Geometry – Position and Direction

Year 2: Statistics