Long Addition Workbook for Children Ages 8 to 12


Long Addition Workbook for Children Ages 8 to 12

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There are 630 long addition questions in this book which start easy and get progressively more difficult.

This is the first book in a series of Key Stage Maths workbooks.

The workbook is A4, 56 pages containing questions and answers.

Research has shown that practice and repetition are key to securing numeracy (see website for details regarding repetition as a key step in learning and recall).

In this book the maths starts with two digit numbers and ends with numbers in the thousands. Suitable for ages 8 to 12 – from Primary School to the first year of Secondary School if further help is required with long addition:

Page 1 Example: 65 + 7

Page 15 Example: 164 + 187

Page 27 Example: 942 + 726

Page 42 Example: 8,916 + 6,945

We highly recommend a child doing two pages of this book every day especially during Easter, Summer and Christmas breaks to help secure numeracy while on long breaks from school.


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