Use a Trip to the Supermarket to Improve Your Childs Numeracy Skills

The next time you go to the supermarket with your child try this very simple game. It will help secure numeracy as well as develop an understanding for the price of food!

At the supermarket look at the price of every item you put in your basket or trolley and ask your child to add up all the items in their head. It’s fine for the addition to be a estimate, then compare their estimation with the actual final price when you check out.

For example if you’re buying 3 items for £1.99 each and two items for £3.45 each the estimate for those items can be 3×2 + 2×3.5 = 6 + 7 = £13.

Apart from estimating it’s also a very useful game and exercise in retention. It is surprisingly difficult to remember a rolling total over a twenty five minute shopping trip!

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