The Advantages of Downloading Workbooks

The main advantage of buying downloadable workbooks is that you can print and use them over and over.

For example, during the Easter, Christmas or Summer holiday it is useful for a child to work their way through a number of workbooks – e.g. to secure maths before starting the next term.

If during the school break you have identified an area which requires more work, all you need to do is re-print the workbook and the child can do it again. The HUGE disadvantage with physical workbooks is that they’re only good for one use.

This becomes even more significant if you have more than one child and find yourself re-buying the same workbook more than once.

Other advantages include being able to print workbooks online wherever you are, and using them electronically – e.g. on a phone or iPad so the child can work out the answers in a notebook.

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