Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Year 5

For children progressing to grammar or independent schools, Year 5 in Primary School is the most important year of their life at Primary School.

In the first week of Year 6 there are the 11+ exams and after just one term in Year 5 children will be sitting their entrance exams to independent schools.

By the start of the summer holiday after Year 5 it can be too late to “cram” over the summer holiday even if you are considering a tutor summer school or one-to-one tutoring.

So, make the most of Year 5, using Year 5 workbooks for subjects where a child is still struggling, and use Year 6 workbooks and exam papers for subjects where a child is confident.

If you need only one takeaway from this message, it is that Year 5 is crucially important, so practice, practice, practice.

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