The ONE thing you can do to improve weekend / self-isolation work at home

The ONE thing you can do to help your child and you to get through each day at the weekend or during isolation at home (written at the time of the Corona Virus) – is to make a daily check-list.

The check-list should have a maximum of five items

Any more than five and it’s too big a list even for teenagers. Any fewer and there are not enough different things to do. This isn’t a guess – it’s based on years of experience in organising work at home at weekends.

Do in any order

The child doesn’t have to do the work in the order on the paper.


It is actually important that you write the checklist with the child, that they own it, and can finish it off in any order they wish.

The child has to self-organise around the checklist so they’re invested in the outcome.

Break time

If the child wants a break e.g. at lunch time that’s fine, but if screen-time is involved it has to be strictly time-boxed – e.g. to 45 mins, before work recommences.

When the child writes the check-list

The ultimate goal is for the child to write their own checklist and to execute it each day especially during long holidays.

Should the check-list include screen-time?

No. Typically screen-time should only come once all the work has been done. This is hard to stick to of course.

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