South Korean Maths Curriculum

It’s interesting to see some of the differences in the Maths Curriculum between UK and South Korean at the Key Stage Maths 2 level

The South Korean curriculum specifically calls out these areas of focus:

Practical Maths

“This subject enables students to apply the basic concepts and rules of mathematics, to consider various types of problem solving in real life situations. The contents emphasize the application of mathematics in the four domains: the calculator and the computer, economic life, everyday statistics, and problem solving.”

Patterns & Functions

“Finding patterns in mathematics is a powerful problem-solving strategy. This pattern was newly systemized into the current school mathematics curriculum. Instructions of patterns in this curriculum is categorized into three topics such as : experiencing various patterns and finding rules; representing and creating patterns; and expressing patterns into mathematical rules and making use of them.”

Spatial Perception

“Instruction of ‘spatial perception’ is expended such an order as: experiencing the various spatial senses; operating spatial senses mentally; and utilizing and expressing the spatial sense mathematically.”

Source: Mathematics Curriculum in Korea Paik, Suk-yun, Seoul National University of Education

Archived: KSM