7+ Exams & Entry

What is the 7+?

The 7+ entrance & exam procedure is for entry into independent prep schools into Year 3. This means the child will sit the exam in Year 2 typically in January although schools vary in their timings. So, at this young age it does matter in which month your child was born, which is generally taken into consideration by most schools.

How is Maths tested in the 7+

Maths for the 7+ is typically assessed with a beyond-year-2 paper targeting mental maths skills which can involve decoding – i.e. where the child is required to decode numbers and the required operation from plain English text.

Which other subjects are tested in the 7+?

English and Reasoning are important factors in the 7+ and will be assessed. Success here will require a good vocabulary, spelling and ability to write coherent sentences with an overarching meaning.

How can I best prepare my child for the 7+?

Try using a number of sources including repetitive problem solving in Maths and English. It is more effective for a child to practice for 20 mins a day than for an hour at the weekend.

7+ Example Maths questions

19 – 6 = ___

16 + 21 = ___

20 ÷ 5 = ___

___ x 3 = 12

___ + 7 = 23

A packet of sweets cost 20p. How much would it cost to buy seven packs of sweets? ___

John has £24 and spends £11. How much money does he have left? ___

Write “six hundred and thirty one” in numbers ___

500 + ___ + 4 = 504

What is the next number in the sequence 14, 18, 22, 26, ___

How many faces does a cube have? ___

How many corners does a cube have? ___

The time now is 7:55. What will the time be twenty minutes from now? ___

Key Stage Maths 7+ Practice

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