Working out one percent

Probably the most useful percentage to be able to work out is 1%, and then apply it to lots of problems

A question like “Work out 3% of 60” can look scary to a child who’s just getting to grips with percentages.

An easy way to work this out is to work out what one percent is.

1% = 60 / 100 = 0.6

From this it is easy to work out any percentage.

So 3% of 60 = 0.6 x 3 = 1.8

This is useful because once a child realises that it’s easy to work out what one percent of a number is, everything else becomes easy.

Once this realisation has been made and secured, it is worth working out a lot of examples so it becomes second nature to move fluently between fractions, decimals and percentages.

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