Rolling a dice to get to ten

Here’s a really nice and simple game you can play with one dice

AIM: To get to ten in as few steps as you can

STEP 1: Throw the dice and note your number

STEP 2: Everyone else in the games rolls the dice and notes their number

STEP 3: You roll again and add it to your first number. If you’re lucky you may have rolled two fives, or a six and then a four – but probably not.

STEP 4: You keep rolling, either adding or subtracting the number each time until you get to ten.

For example 5 + 1 + 3 + 5 – 2 etc … until you hit ten.

VARIATION: It can be easier for each play to roll until they get ten, noting the number of rolls it has taken, then on to the next person – i.e. rather than rolling once before passing on the dice.

Scaling the dice game

This is a great game because you can scale it.

Try using two dice and make your target number 21.

You get the idea.

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