Play to a child’s interests (then bring in the maths)

Too often, maths is an abstract subject for children, so it is very important to make it real. Then repeat.

Who likes football?

If a child likes football, you’re all set for at least a half-term.

How many payers on each side? Eleven.

So how many players are there on the field (assuming no one has been sent off)?

If there are five teams in a table, how many players is that?

How many matches must each team play to make sure they’ve played each team home and away?

You get the idea – and on top of the questions above there are loads of questions you could come up with to do with scores and points etc.

Make maths real

The point of the above questions is that an engaged child will understand your questions and most importantly, will be engaged.

Maths on the Motorway

Look at that truck, I can see twelve wheels on this side of the truck. How many wheels does it have in total?

Multiply the numbers of each cars numberplate you see. For example KD8 12L would be 8 x 1 x 2 = 16.

If we’re travelling at 60mph, how far will we go in twenty minutes?

I don’t like Maths, I like to Read

You can even bring on board children who don’t like maths (on the surface).

What are you reading right now?

About how many pages is that?

How many pages did you read yesterday?

About how long do you think it will take you to finish the book?

When you buy your next book, how much change will you get from £10?

Will there be enough change to also buy a hot chocolate?

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